Evolving Technology Pvt. Ltd is a premier technology company, working on building and providing a host of information technology-based products and services. We, at Evolving Technology, are motivated and driven by the sheer desire and ambition of building a network of products and services that will not only establish our company as the leading information technology company in the country in the long-haul but one that will serve to bridge the electronic commerce divide between Nepal and the rest of the world.

Ever since our inception in 2015, we have grown into a team of highly motivated specialists working on the telecommunication sector, renewal energy, web development services, security, and information technology support, software development, and distribution.

We, at Evolving Technology Pvt. Ltd is constantly striving to adapt and cater to the changing and evolving demands of the information technology market in the country. The meteoric growth in the number of smartphones and internet-based applications in recent years has led to a global increase in online commerce. And as the world adapts to this unprecedented situation created by the corona-virus pandemic, more and more individuals and communities find it safer to shop online and have their products delivered, contactless, at their doorsteps.

The growth of e-Sewa, Khalti, Daraz, sastodeal, hamrobazar and many other online commerce providers over a short period of time proves that the Nepalese market is ripe for the e-commerce sector. However, these existing companies have failed to expand and tap into the high demand of the online market in Nepal for a number of reasons. Our research team at Evolving Technology Pvt. Ltd has identified a multitude of such possible reasons. Lack of a user-friendly mobile application and a website, lack of diverse products, a weak logistic and fulfillment network, and a lack of clear and coherent business and marketing strategy, being a few of those reasons.  

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