Every great business starts with a great idea but as you well know, even the perfect idea won’t be successful without careful planning. It might be a helpful implementation to treat yourself like an investor. With something like 380 websites being created every minute, building an e-commerce shop can be an intimidating task. It’s easy to look at all of the success stories out there and think, “How could I possibly be that lucky?” Running an online business isn’t easy. It takes a lot of patience, determination, and hard work, and you need to remember that success doesn’t magically happen overnight. On top of that, the industry is growing fast and constantly changing; new trends are emerging left, right, and center and it’s not always easy to stay ahead of the game.

For a developing country like Nepal, marching into technology is a very huge milestone to cover. The status of e-commerce in Nepal seems encouragingly good. Many users are attracted to online shopping and using online services. Many online portals and shopping portals are launched. The competition is rapidly increasing day by day due to an increasing number of online stores in Nepal, which will ultimately benefit the future of e-commerce in Nepal. Similarly, the Nepalese entrepreneurs have also enhanced another aspect of online shopping by increasing the trend of using social media as a shopping platform. 

Expansion of the internet facilities, cost reduction by the internet service providers, and changing lifestyle of the urban teenage population, have amplified the scope of online shopping in Nepal. The increasing popularity, flourishing of online shopping companies, and shopping pages on social media, reflect the expansion and growth of the online shopping trend in Nepal, especially on Facebook and on Instagram. The dual nature of online shopping, one through the own shopping portal of the company, and others through the use of social media, made shoppers get a bulk of choice for online shopping in Nepal.

Buying something from the Internet is a myth in Nepal. People still afraid to do it. Before the decade e-commerce was set up as sending gifts and money online and other websites promoting “Send Gifts to Nepal” which had merely a concept of e-commerce it was the target to Nepali residing abroad. Here was no effect of that business to support the e-commerce concept in Nepal. Gradually the business was promoted by other companies who saw there was a peripheral profit. Along with the rise of IT, and business concepts many online stores were propelled but they didn’t have the actual process of buying and selling online. They were the virtual stores with the best example which gave a concept of selling and buying online but not paying.

In context to Nepal, online payment restraint is the major hurdle in the e-commerce business. Now having dozens of virtual Nepali stores on the web, they still have the same problem of payment and a belief of people, they still have a level of trust to build among the visitors.

Nevertheless, it will be either today or tomorrow we must adapt to shifting into the e-commerce business. With the growing generation, every business will have to adapt and think about their online presence in the future depending on the nature of business. It will not be too far; there will be further prosperity in the trend of e-commerce business soon in Nepal.