Among various internet innovation, what still counts the best than the rest is “E-commerce”. E-commerce is an activity that allows sellers and customers interact over the internet. In addition to this, the digital transaction takes place between them. E-commerce simply lets users start and end both on the internet without any hardship. It saves time, energy, and any sort of inconvenience.

Talking about e-commerce in the context of Nepal, “” in 1998 is the first-ever e-commerce site. This site received uncountable appreciation during its first year as it was totally new for the audience. Bal Krishan Shrestha, founder of states that the main reason behind initiating the site was to help people outside Nepal send gifts here. In addition to that, he further says, initiating and prospering e-commerce in Nepal is a very slow process.

In contrast to the early days, e-commerce has quite flourished in our country as well. According to a study, Nepal now has more than 40 thousand registered commercial websites. 40 thousand is a commendable number. The competition
has rocketed between the sites. Consequently, they thrive to make their sites even more user-friendly, accessible, and reliable.

E-commerce in Nepal has great potency in changing the economic status of our country. 2018 Digital Nepal framework predicts that our nation can become a “mid-income country” by 2030 with the help of e-commerce. Moreover, for these past months, we have realized the value of e-commerce amidst the pandemic.

Hence it is not surprising that e-commerce is adored and appreciated by everyone nowadays. People who thought online shopping is a myth have realized its essence. Likewise, consumer behavior has drastically changed which proves the potency of e-commerce sites in the coming days. The future of e-commerce in Nepal looks, even more cloud touching. Some of the most popular commercial sites to name a few are Sasto Deal, Daraz, Hamro Bazar, Urban Girl, Infi Store, Foodmandu, Muncha, NepBay, etc.

However, we should shed light more upon home-based and Nepali-originated e-commerce platforms. Not every commercial site executed inside Nepal is home-based. Did you know that some of the most popular online/e-commerce sites operating in Nepal are of foreign origin. This in turn takes away millions of Nepalese income abroad affecting the Nepalese economy.

Therefore, we should realize the fact that our mere choice can bring a vast difference in a nation’s economy and rational changes. We together can help Nepalese e-commerce to flourish and prosper to greater height. As it is a win-win situation for both customers and owners as well as the Nepalese economy.

Here is why you should choose home-based e-commerce platform over other platforms:

Encourages Local Based Products

We all are aware of the fact that Nepal is an agro-based country. Ironically, farmers and local products are not getting much exposure. If this continues for a while these local talents, products may even extinct. In addition to that, farmers
don’t get appropriate money for what they put effort into. However, home-based e-commerce can give them the correct platform to enhance the scope of their product. Only home-based e-commerce can vouch for addressing this problem. Furthermore, people from rural areas can get exposed to urban areas as well. They will be just one click away. Hence it encourages local workers and local products within the country.


Nepal is an import-based country. This pretty much justifies why we are economically lagging behind. Nepali e-commerce sites can induce foreign trade, exports by interacting with global markets. Making deals online is easier and
efficient. Thus, our country can be less dependent on other countries. Furthermore, the economy and money earned won’t go outside the country but remains inside our own territory which is a great asset to our country’s economy.

Employment/ Opportunities

Unemployment is another great issue in our country. Undoubtedly, we have tremendous talents in our country. Our youths have always proved their competency when given the right platform and opportunity. Likewise, Nepali e-
commerce sites can give opportunities and employment to such talents. No youth would want to go abroad if they are provided with excelling platforms. It can create a platform for high-skill to low-skill workers.

Motivation Factor

One success story can motivate a thousand others. Even though e-commerce came late in our country, the number of e-commerce sites is significant. The budding culture of e-commerce in our country is due to motivation factors as
well. When one Nepalese site gets success, it further motivates and inspires other start-ups too. After all, all we need is a little push and motivation to change our dream into reality.

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