The market for the sale of goods to a retailer is the wholesale market. That is, a wholesaler receives large quantities of goods from a manufacture and distributes them to store, where they are sold to costumers. A wholesaler is generally able to extract a better price from a manufacturer because it buys so many good related to individual retailers. In theory, this enables the retailers to sell the goods at a better price for the consumer. 

The scope of the wholesale market in Nepal is great. Wholesale market sale any and every types of goods. Costumers of wholesale markets buy goods for use in making other products, as in the case of a bicycle manufacturer that purchases steel tubing, wire cables, and paint. Costumers also may purchase an item for use in the course of daily operation as when a corporation buys office papers or computers. They fill several roles in the economy. They provide businesses, institution and government a convenient nearby sources of goods made by manufactures.

Nepal is a landlocked state, which makes access a challenge. The transport situation in Nepal is very difficult. The one reliable road route from India to the Kathmandu valley is 84 miles and takes a minimum of six hours to travel. There is only one international airport in the country challenges in the air transport sector are also acute. However, market access challenges are reducing as recently as 2021.

Online sales are driving many new sales and traditional wholesalers are faced with new competitors that are working in the digital area. To complete, these e-commerce wholesalers are providing everything the customer needs right on the website and it’s all modeled after leading e-commerce’s services. So, potential buyers now see high qualities photos and color options on the product page, landing page, highlighting specific deals linked to digital and campaigns user review,s and free shipping on orders.

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