Samsung, the Korean tech giant, has ruled the entire world producing smarter gadgets every day. It has become a global leader and award-winning innovator with its premium innovation. Today, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of Smartphones, Televisions, and memory chips in the world. Thanks to Lee Byung-Chul, who founded this company in 1938 AD.

 As of the first quarter (Q1) of 2021, According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung tops the global smartphone market with a market share of 22%. Samsung leaves no stone unturned in bringing cutting-edge technology. It is the brand that is admired.

Here I have listed some of the promising high-end gadgets developed by Samsung. I would suggest trying any if it fits your requirement. 

  1. Samsung Z Fold 2,

Samsung Z Fold 2 is the premium foldable phone of 2020. Undeniably, foldable phones are the future and we all know it. It is the best in its business. What makes it the ultimate futuristic phone? Let’s find out. 

It is not just a phone: it a tablet as well. When it is folded, it’s a phone and when it is not, it’s a tablet. With its dynamic AMOLED screen, you can have the most wonderful cinematic experience. Likewise, you don’t have to compromise the folding experience. It has the most sophisticated folding mechanism: Hideaway Hinge. The phone best suits multi-tasking allowing us to run multiple apps at once, like Gmail, YouTube, Messenger, etc.

Check out the link to check more of its features and shopping option below.

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  1. Samsung S21 Ultra

 Samsung S21 Ultra is the most promising premium phone from Samsung. It has the most elegant design, solid power-pack performance, exciting camera, S pen support, promising a 120Hz refresh rate, and many more. It is the “complete phone” of 2021.  

The phone has everything that you need and expects to be in today’s smartphone. It offers excellent camera hardware capable of capturing a top-notch quality photo up to 10x zoom. Moreover, it comes with a wide Quad HD+ resolution with a variable refresh rate of 120Hz, which is ridiculously good.

Check out its other exciting features and a shopping option below. 

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The wearable is being trendy as people are having hectic lifestyles. The one to look out for is Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It is the best Android Smartwatch available out there. The most promising aspect of it is its gorgeous classic design.

 Similarly, it features hardware niceties like circular displays and rotating bezels for navigating through the interface including decent battery life. Unlike other smartwatches, it offers Samsung in-house, Tizen software which is awesome. It offers a variety of health-focused features, including an EKG, blood pressure sensor, etc.

Check out its other exciting features and shopping options down below.

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Samsung has delivered the finest innovation throughout. Kudos! To almighty Tech-giant Samsung. We are looking forward to seeing more of it in the near future.

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