Did you know?? Coffee is the 2nd most popular drink in the world, Water being the number one. Whether you’re rocking a travel mug on your way to work or dashing out after spin class to refuel with a scraggy latte, it’s hard to imagine a day without it. There are numerous reasons why people drink coffee on a regular. Also, Coffee has been both praised and mocked for centuries. However, there’s something incredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of Joy. Your daily cup of coffee may be doing more for you than providing that early-morning pick-me-up. But!!! Is drinking coffee good for you?

The latest wave of scientific evidence brings a wealth of good news for coffee lovers. Thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, it also seems to be quite healthy. Studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases. Let’s list out the top health benefits of Coffee!

  1. Coffee is a Compelling source of nourishing antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight inflammation, an underlying cause of many chronic conditions, including arthritis, atherosclerosis, and many types of cancer. In other words, antioxidants help keep us healthy at the micro-level by protecting our cells from damage. In fact, coffee shows more antioxidant activity than green tea and cocoa, two antioxidant icons.

  1.  Coffee helps you focus and stay alert.

Caffeine (Good amount of) provides a short term memory boost. It affects the particular areas of the brain which are responsible for memory and concentration. Although it’s not clear how long the effect will last as it varies for person to person. 

  1. Coffee reduces risk of Stroke.

It is proved that drinking a reasonable amount of Coffee is allied with a lower risk of stroke. There is some confirmation that coffee may support heart health by protecting against arterial damage caused by inflammation.

  1. Can Fight Depression and Make You Happier

Depression is a serious mental disorder that causes a significantly reduced quality of life. Coffee appears to lower your risk of developing depression and may dramatically reduce suicide risk. Just the smell of Coffee could make you less stressed. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and boosts production of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline, which hoists your mood. 

  1. Your Liver will Thank you

The more coffee subjects drank, the lower their levels of enzymes. Research shows that coffee drinkers are more likely to have liver enzyme levels within a healthy range than people who don’t drink coffee. Coffee is great for your liver especially if you drink alcohol Consuming coffee seems to have some protective benefits against alcoholic cirrhosis, and the more coffee a person consumes the less risk they seem to have of being hospitalized or dying of alcoholic cirrhosis.

  1. Coffee could reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Scientists believe that coffee may be beneficial in keeping diabetes at bay in several ways. There is some evidence that coffee decreases the sensitivity of muscle cells to the effects of insulin, which might impair the metabolism of sugar and raise blood sugar levels. Caffeine decreases your insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance, hence reduces risk of type 2 diabetes. 

  1. Coffee has your back if you are on a weight loss journey. 

Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which helps the human body use insulin, regulating blood sugar levels and reducing your craving for sugary treats and snacks. It also helps to break down body fat use and it as a fuel for training. Not only can your daily cup of joy help you feel more energized but hold your back to burn fat and improve physical performance. 

Bottom Line: You only needed one reason to drink coffee. I gave you seven. Keep brewing and enjoy!! Coffee is the best thing ever. Period

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