Over the last year, the world has witnessed massive economic shutdowns causing effects on personal healthcare, social lives, employment, businesses, and the overall economy. The entire global supply chain has been on halt, which has disrupted consumption, business continuity, and overall global growth. This shock wave has gone through the Nepalese economy as well. 

COVID has hit our lifestyle in a pretty indecent manner, specially the 2nd variant is hitting hard in the life of we Nepelese with an unexceptional shift in our lifestyle.

COVID has turned the face of the business industry up-side down. Due to covid many small -scale businessmen have shut down their business and on the other hand those who are running the business are on the verge to bear great loss in their business because there are no sales!

Nonetheless, COVID has definitely taught us to be prepared for the worst possible scenario. In the midst of everything, COVID has also provided an opportunity for our Digital platforms to boon. While most of the SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) reported a loss of sales, some SMEs who rely on digital technologies reported an increase in sales during the pandemic. An increasing number of platform businesses in the Nepalese market (e.g., Daraz, Kirana, Sastodeal, Foodmandu, Bhojdeal, Hamrobazar, Muncha, NepBay, SmartDoko, Metrotarkari) have a positive impact on increasing sales and expansion of businesses. There was an increase in the use of mobile technology and digitization during the pandemic. There is an acceleration in the use of mobile technology in the trade of goods and services, social interaction, public services, and entertainment. 

Many entrepreneurs, businessmen, groups have started to use the digital platform as a form of saviours. Startups are growing like nothing else. Because people have now understood the importance of  the digital platforms to maintain the liveliness of their business they are opting for how they can make everything better to provide a safe and sound service to their customers.

Bhotahiti.com is also one such startup that is searching for potential through this pandemic. We are an online wholesaler who is committed to connecting buyers and sellers. Our main mission is to uplift the local marketplace by bringing them online. We also encourage and support all women entrepreneurs to join our ecosystem to uplift their business and lifestyle as a whole. 

This pandemic has given us more reason to serve our local marketers by selling their products online and helping them earn their bread and butter. 

Our ecosystem is very easy to join. Anyone who is willing to sell through our platform should simply sign up and fill in the form on the site with the necessary information. Then once you’re approved you are eligible to sell your products from our site. We welcome all the different types of business on our platform. It doesn’t matter whether you sell handicraft products or you own a simple physical shop. You are welcome to sell at bhotahiti.

Let’s fight this pandemic together, let’s grow together. 

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