2020 was one of the most unsettling years for most of us. People were forced to lock themselves indoors and as the virus kept spreading, more and more of us were pressured to start shopping online! Expansion of the internet facilities, cost reduction by the internet service providers and changing life-style of the urban teenage population, has increased the scope of online shopping in Nepal. The increasing popularity, booming of online shopping companies, and shopping pages on social media, reflect the expansion and growth of the online shopping trend in Nepal, especially.

The dual nature of online shopping, one through the own shopping portal of the company, and others through the use of social media, made shoppers get a bulk of choice for online shopping in Nepal. Between all the chaos, bulk choices, and confusion we, as bhotahiti.com have come together to minimize and settle the chaos. We have created a platform that connects buyers and sellers with ease.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said, If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business.”

The corona virus pandemic has further stimulated this thought amongst consumers and vendors of Nepal even more strongly. Despite the challenges posed by this crisis, the show must go on in the market and financial transactions appear in a new way. Businesses must run and services should resume by adopting health and safety regulations, and by following the new-normal strategy. In our prevailing scenarios, running any sort of business with the new normal strategy is, perhaps, going digital and accepting the inevitable role of e-commerce in our economy.  

Therefore, we offer sellers, the ability to grow a business with little barrier to entry regardless of size, background, or geographic location. We never compete with our sellers. We win when our sellers succeed. Buyers, who shop on our Marketplace and Classifieds platforms, enjoy a highly personalized experience with an unparalleled selection at a great value.

The only Wholesale Bazaar and Market for every product in Nepal; Bhotahiti.com at your service!!

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