The Digital revolution in Nepal has just taken off. The access of the Internet to the general people is increasing day by day. It has enhanced the all-around development of the country and has opened a wide range of opportunities. Everyone deserves access to information that’s grounded in science and truth, and analysis rooted in authority and integrity.

One of the booming digital platforms has been eCommerce. The recent pandemic has shown the vulnerabilities of traditional business paving a path for the rise of eCommerce. Seeing the opportunity that lies ahead, Bhotahiti has led from the front in bridging the gap of geographical division, breaking the barriers leading towards a prosperous Nepal.  

Let us discuss how the digital platforms are bridging the gap geographical division of Nepal. Read on. 

1. Unified Single Product and service price all over Nepal

With the rise of Digital Platforms, Everyone has access to the right information. This leads to uniformity in product prices and services. Unlike the traditional way, one does not have to be the victim of cheesy words. It has eliminated the price disparity. Whether you live in Kathmandu or a remote village of Dolpa, you have equal access to information about the price of services and products.   

2. Optimal Usage of smartphones and the availability of Internet

The evolution of the Internet has made the world a global village. This has led to endless opportunities. Nepal has not been an exception to it. The easy availability of digital resources has led to a foundation to bridge the geographical gap of Nepal. Nepal is geographically diverse, with low-lying Terai to the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest. Geographical diversity has been a major problem that has increased the gap.

However, the rise of digital platforms has increased the use of smartphones. According to the data report, there are 38.61 million mobile connections and 10.78 million internet users in Nepal till January 2021. Marginalized people can get critical information at a rate and scale never possible before. The more people have access to the internet the more they get to know and engage in productive works. 

The eCommerce platforms like Bhotahiti have played a crucial role to bridge the gap, breaking the geographical barrier. Furthermore, it enhances the local marketplace by giving them the exposure they deserve.

3. Cutting many channels of distribution

The digital platforms contact directly the producers or small and medium businesses, which eliminates many channels of distribution. This has two benefits: One the producer gets the proper value for his product which encourages them to produce more products in the long run. Another, it cuts many channels of distribution minimizing the product price as a whole that benefits the customer. 

All in all, the digital platforms play a significant role to bridge the geographical gap in Nepal and Bhotahiti has lead from the front to take the initiative. Join our ecosystem and embrace this journey to bridge the gap that lies ahead of us. With the collective approach, we can make a vast difference. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in this mission to make a difference? Whether you have a small-scale business or a large-scale business, it does not matter. We welcome you to join us. Know more about us here.

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