We are lucky enough to get born in one of the most diversified nations in the entire world. From the breathtaking mesmerizing natural diversities to significantly valuable cultural and traditional variations we have it all in Nepal.

When we talk about Nepal most of our talk is limited to Kathmandu and some other major cities. But Nepal is not always about Kathmandu. According to the World Bank collection of development indicators, the Rural population (% of the total population) in Nepal was reported at 79.85 % in 2019. That’s quite a big number!

Lately, With some digital transformation taking place Nepal definitely has contributed towards a more informed rural society but still, there are many people in rural areas who are illiterate, ignorant, and unemployed. Similarly, many people in these areas are living a life below the poverty line. Even though people start any business, the business is not so valued. At the end of the day they give up and these hard-working hands have to choose foreign employment due to “brain drain” and constant failure.

The geographical diversity in Nepal also has created many barriers in the economic sector of our country. The unusual landscape of the mountain and the Hilly region has created difficulty for the local businesses to flourish properly. The natural resources are just being wasted and the people who are trying to do something out of these resources are taking a back step due to a lack of a proper marketplace to sell their products. As a result, we are compelled to import more and more products from foreign countries. That is definitely hampering the GDP of our country.

That’s when Bhotahiti.com comes as a savior. This is a kind of a gap that we as an e-Commerce platform want to bridge. Which geographical region? Which religion? What educational background? What economic status? Nothing matters. Almost anyone and from any part of Nepal who owns a business(be it a small local business or something on a large scale) is welcome to join our ecosystem. From a person who owns a small handicraft shop in a small village of sunsari, to a grandmother who manages her living by selling tea bags in a small roadside shop in illam, everyone is welcome.

Through our e-Commerce we aim to connect all the business owners together, help them reach the right consumers, sell and eventually grow. We focus on increasing their sales curve while making a positive impact on society.

So what are you waiting for? If you are someone looking for the right platform through which you want to expand, explore and leapfrog your business then bhotahiti.com is the right option for you.

Let’s break all the barriers, by making the right decision.

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